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My Story

Scentsy changed our lives! I joined Scentsy in May of 2017. After telling myself I am not a salesperson and didn't think I would be successful, but after having some friends over for a Scentsy BINGO party that was over $1,000 just from sharing my love of the product, I KNEW I could do it! I have been able to quit my day job, and drag race professionally (which is a huge passion of mine) more often and travel the country with my husband Aaron. In June of 2018, my husband and I went on an ALL-INCLUSIVE #Scentsypaysforit incentive trip to Barcelona, Spain, Italy and France on a Mediterranean cruise, for our honeymoon for FREE! I LOVE being able to travel the world with my husband for free.

This company can do so much, if you just take the leap and set some goals for yourself. I would LOVE to help you earn some FREE trips too!

I love that I can believe in a product that I absolutely love to use in my home on a daily basis. Our wax and warmers, oils and diffusers and laundry line are wonderful and make cleaning a lot more enjoyable.

Some of my very best friends are friends that I've met through Scentsy. Whether it was because of parties, trips or Scentsy Reunions, I've met alot of great people that I now am able to call great friends!

This small $99 changed our lives and there is so much opportunity to grow at this company. There are NO LIMITS! Please let me know if I can add value to your life, and help you get started!

I have a team of amazing girls that I love to help and mentor. We are TEAM GO FULL THROTTLE!
Whether I am going full throttle in a top fuel dragster at 300 MPH, or we are living life to the fullest and going full throttle in life.... I'd love for you to join us and go full throttle with your life!

How to join? Just click JOIN MY TEAM and I'll be in touch!

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